Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to make the perfect manicure

Perfectly manicured nails, polished to a high gloss or lacquered, will give grace hand, and in all manner of - the completeness and harmony. A good manicure can be done in the salon, but at home he received no worse. Buy quality tools, care and be patient. The reward you will become a perfect manicure and deserved compliments others.

Prepare everything you need for a manicure. You can use bezobreznoy or a combined method of treatment of nails. Last preferable to running hands - it allows you to quickly tidy up the cuticle and okolonogtevogo roller.

Adjust the length and shape of the nails. Today relevant square nails with sharp or rounded edges of the plate or as a soft oval. The optimal length of the free edge - one to two millimeters. However, much depends on the shape and appearance of the nail hands. Chubby fingers can visually "pull" narrow elongated nails and thin look particularly elegant with a short manicure.

Carefully file off nails glass or ceramic nail file, not a breaking plate. If a nail is broken, it is necessary to shorten the rest - their length should be the same.

Fill a bowl with warm water, drip back quality shampoo or liquid soap and foam whisk. Dip fingers in water and hold them for about 5 minutes. Wipe your fingers towel and proceed to manicure.

Apply a cuticle special liquid or gel. Wait a minute and treat cuticle stick from an orange tree. Dead skin can be scraped off, and the remaining cuticle push, lengthening the nail bed. Too overgrown cuticles removed sharp clippers or nail scissors. Try to cut the skin with a thin flap - so you can avoid the appearance of painful hangnails.

If your fingers are cracks, scratches and rough dry skin, try hot packs of paraffin. Melt bought at the pharmacy bar and dip your fingers into the soft mass so that their tips to get a "cap." Sit for 10-15 minutes and remove the solidified paraffin. These packs will strengthen nails and make the skin around them smooth.

Rub into the nails and the skin around them Cuticle Oil. Thoroughly massage the fingers, rubbing oil to gently absorbed. You can then lightly polish the nail plate special bar. Be careful not to injure your fingers. Polishing removes the bar or sawing grooves on the nails and allow the polish last longer.

Degrease nails swab dipped in nail polish remover. Cover the plate layer of protective coating and dry it. Choose a color lacquer suitable shade. If you do not want to update manicure every one or two days, prefer a neutral color enamel or lacquer with a delicate glitter - they last longer and hide minor flaws manicure.

If you are sure you will be able to accurately and precisely to make up nails, choose a bright or dark varnish. Dense coating can be applied in a single layer, and the translucent require two-layer color.

Dip the brush into the paint, remove the excess, lightly wiping it on the neck of the bottle. Apply three enamel confident strokes, moving from the cuticle to the edge of the nail. The first bar lies in the center of the plate, the next two paint over its side portions. When finished, type a little polish on the brush and gently swipe it over the edge of the nail, as if sealing it. This will save you from untidy white stripes, especially noticeable in bright or dark manicure.

Dip the tip of a wooden stick in nail polish remover and align the enamel from cuticle, removing small irregularities and streaks. On fresh coating is thick stamp with glossy effect. Choose a tool that not only protects the manicure, but also quickly dries the paint.

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